Wednesday, February 18, 2009


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Thursday, February 12, 2009

J. Morgan Puett, kill me now...

because i will never be this cool...

She dips her clothes in wax. She finds abandoned houses in rural areas and makes them complete with rural and artisinal references. Then she does the same thing with storefronts in manhattan. She recreates lifestyles, and her installations are amazing. If only i knew how to pronounce her name....

music...makes the people...come together.

check out this website...all of these bands playing their hearts out in the streets of somewhere...
paris, i guess...
i don't know french...
you will be inspired by the simplicity and rawness and beauty of these videos.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ranru, Noragi

japanese indigo is incredible. it is my favorite color, in all of its shades, from fresh and n
ew to old and faded.  
there is a technique in japan of using and patching over and over a piece of fabric, so that you never have to throw it away, but pass it through the family as the layers of patches and stitches become thicker and more beautiful. It is called Ranru. 

This is a Ranru Noragi. Noragi means 'farmer's work wear.' It was worn and washed and patched and worn again and again for years until it became this amazing textile. Can you imagine someone wearing this? While working??

This picture is of a ranru futon cover. I want to puke i love it so much. 
I found these images on a website called, a japanese marketplace for kimono's, folkloric antiques, wall hangings, and so so much more.

Detail of ranru futon cover. this hand stitching makes me drool.


fightin' shirt

really. wow. very old shirt. for wartime. this is a fighting shirt. can i make one of these that is half as cool, please? but not for war....

beautiful things.

1. heath ledger. this polaroid is for sale on ebay right now...breaks my heart.
2. old t-shirts.
3. and who can't love bruce right now?

this isn't "warsaw-made", by the way, so don't be sore with her if you don't agree that these things are beautiful.
ok, bye.