Friday, January 23, 2009

To begin, I have to say that I never thought I would start my first ever blog with a post about Blind Melon.
But tonight my friend Jon uploaded a video to facebook of Blind Melon performing "Soup," which is actually an incredible song. I had forgotten about it, but the second it started it brought back this flood of memories, how I had played that song over and over in my room when I was still so young and discovering everything.  
What it really made me think about, however, was that when I was just beginning to discover what was out there in the world, if I saw something inspiring, it INSPIRED me. What I mean is, I felt it through my whole body, it felt like a world of possibilities. It was frustrating in that I could never grab a hold of the feeling, it was so fleeting, but at least I felt the notion that "it" was out there.
And I think that is what I always look for today. It's a little harder to come by, as jaded-ness sets in, but that feeling that amazing people are doing amazing things, and that amazingness exists in the world. 
So I think that is what this blog will be about. Amazingness. Inspiration. Silly, for sure, but also so very important. So I leave you with photos of Shannon Hoon, lead singer of Blind Melon, who, like so many incredible people, burned out rather than faded away. 
P.S. My apologies to the rest of the band, who were so important too, but I guess they will always be in the shadow of Shannon.